Cleveland Day: Part 1

My mom and godmother wanted to show my cousin Juani, Albert and me Cleveland from their perspective, so they took us on a day long Cleveland tour.  I have to be honest, it was very informative and I learned much more about Cleveland than I anticipated I would. We started off the morning at The Root Cafe (not technically in Cleveland) and I got my favorite tempeh sandwich. After, we headed to Ohio City to go to the infamous Westside Market. The view from above the market is always the best part.

We made our way through University Circle to Little Italy and got some traditional Italian pastries and mango lemonade from Presti’s. We heard stories of Cleveland in the 60’s and how my mom and godmother met each other.

We stopped by our friend, Brian Jones gallery to check out some of his art. It is truly amazing!

We then headed to my Mom’s favorite place, Lake View Cemetery, which was actually very pleasant. We hiked to the top of the Garfield Monument and went to the tombs of prestigious and important families in Cleveland.

One of the cooler moments on the tour was watching a freighter navigate it’s way through the bridges of the Cuyahoga River.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Cleveland Day: Part 2.

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