Homie of the Day: Monster Rally

Monster Rally has done it again!  Beyond the Sea, Monster Rally’s 2nd full length album, has just been released for digital download (via Monster Rally’s Bandcamp and iTunes) and is getting rave reviews.

Image from TedFeighan.com

“Monster Rally is like Ratatat for the beach/summer.  Best casual Sun. porch music I’ve heard in some time.”
via LMB NOLA @lmbnola

“I honestly can’t think of a better piece of music to kick start the summer months.”
via Potholes in My Blog

“The samples within Monster Rally’s sound are so meticulously placed, it makes one wonder how massive and eclectic Ted Feighan’s record collection is. Judging by Feighan’s impressive work as the sample-friendly Monster Rally, the collection probably takes up several rooms. His dreamy, ethereal, and usually tropical soundscapes take you somewhere distant and calm, or at least make you wish they really could, using a variety of samples and apt production choices.”
via Obscure Sound

Record lovers can also pre-order a lava red vinyl from Gold Robot Records.

And check out the official video below for Beyond the Sea‘s first track, Lava Flows.

We’re really loving this album!

  1. Brother Tango said:

    maybe the greatest album of our time.

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