Winter Blues to Winter Moves

I started doing dance cardio workouts at the beginning of November. The workout is not a dance routine by any means, it’s more of a jump-around-and-let-loose-for-30-minutes kind of thing. If you asked me a couple of months ago to do some dance cardio, I would have laughed at you and said no, thank you. I would have thought it would be lame, hard and cheesy. But now, it’s my remedy for the winter blues. As we say in our family, “first you mock the position, then you are IN the positon”.

You see, I am a self disagnosed member of the SAD (Season Affect Disorder) community. If you are like me, and the idea of dreary skies and dark days makes you want to tear up, then you can understand the extremes one would take to get through the winter. Of course, I have a respect for the seasons and the time to hybernate, but at what cost. Not MY happiness. So, the two things that are getting my through this winter are Vitamin D and dance cardio.

I usually start my workouts thinking about “my problem of the day” but by the end of my workout I am almost always thinking about how awesome my friends are or how grateful I am for my parents. This is what having private party with myself every day has done for me. It has brought me gratitude during a season in which I am generally down. It has also made me more loving to the people who allow me to be carefree, cause truth is, I AM strengthening my heart.

As for the music:

I listen to Girl Talk’s most recent album “All Day” when I dance. Girl Talk’s music is perfect for dancing. Jacob Krupnick made a video for the entire “All Day” album of people dancing all over New York City. His project was made to inspire people to dance more (which is what I am also trying to do here!). You should definitely check the whole video out, but here are two of my favorite tracks:


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