Coast to Coast


F:  What is something you have learned about Cleveland since being there this time?

L:  One of the most northern points of the Underground Railroad was at Lakewood Park, right by our house. From there escaped slaves would catch a boat to Canada.

F:  What would you say is your spirit animal?

L:  Yeesh, I’m not sure.  I’m going to go with the lioness for fierceness.

F:  What is something that inspired you this week?

L:  These guys I saw paragliding at Edgewater Park the other evening!  I’ve been feeling some real highs and lows about being in Cleveland this time around.  I took the scenic route home from the east side the other night and was totally inspired to see this group out paragliding in the park.  NYC is hard in many ways but it is so easy to be inspired there just by walking out your front door.  It takes a little more effort to find that here but it was a good reminder that unexpected things are here to be found as well.

F:  What would you say is your best and worst quality?

L:  I’m very thoughtful but I get held up & stuck inside my own head.

F:  Want to share with us your favorite song lately?

L:  I’ve been falling back on my old friend Shazaam lately.  This was my last tag.

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