Pass It On



1.) Is Depression A Disease or Symptom of Inflammation (via Chris Kresser) A really interesting and fascinating read on the role that inflammation plays on our mood and symptoms of depression. –Farrell

2.) It’s “Meditation Summer” on Governors Island (via WellandGoodNYC) I’m still working out the rest of my summer schedule but I’d love to make it to one of these guided mediations on Governors Island.  -Lauren

3.) 9 Things You Need to Stop Doing if Your Want to Be Successful (via LifeHack) Even though the title doesn’t completely grab me, since I think every one of you is already successful just by being YOU, this list in interesting and brings up some great points. –Farrell

4.) Let’s Celebrate the Art of Clutter (via NYTimes) I am still slowly making my way through the Kondo book on tidiness; this article makes some solid counter points.  As in most things, I guess moderation is key.  -Lauren

5.) L.A. Frock Stars (via Smithsonian Channel) is a fun & informative reality show about a vintage store in Los Angeles and the team who runs it.  Plus the name is genius.  -Lauren

6.) John Stewart on Caitlyn Jenner (via The Daily Show) He makes a really good point. – Farrell


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