Coast to Coast

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L:  Do you like to hold on to books you’ve read or get rid of them when you’re done?

F: You know me, I like to get rid of things. I enjoy them and then I pass them on. If I really like the book or it is a classic I will keep it. Otherwise, I like to share it with my friends.

L:  What is your favorite/can’t live without product these days?

F: Coconut water. I have been crazy about it lately. I can’t get enough. In terms of beauty products, I have been using Odacite cleanser and I love it. Even though it has been proven that I CAN live without it, the Problem Solver is deeply missed around these parts.

L:  Do you have any styles that you just love regardless of whether they’re fashionable in the moment?

F: Flared jeans are something I will always love. I have just fallen in love with anything white and all white outfits. They are awesome!

L:  Have you been watching the Cavs?

F: I happened to be having drinks with friends on Sunday and the Cavs game was on. At first I didn’t care until the end where I was sweating and imagining every single person I know in Cleveland in front of their TVs; good thing they won!

L:  What are you up to this weekend?

F: One of our friends asked Albert to help film his Kickstarter video so I will be helping with that on Saturday. The weather is getting nicer so more beach days are in order.

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