Pass It On


1. Recent Books that Women Should Read (via Huffington Post)  Though we don’t like the word SHOULD in our family, I found this article interesting. I was surprised and excited by some of the choices but I have added a couple to my reading list. –Farrell

2. Watermelon Salad (via Cup of Jo)  I had a delicious watermelon salad at the Memorial Day BBQ that I went to on Monday, and a super refreshing watermelon cocktail at an event I was at last night.  Tis’ the season and I’m all for it!  -Lauren

3. The Four Stages of Life (via Mark Manson) I am not always a huge fan of Mark Manson’s writing. I find that it can be a little intense or sarcastic at times. When I first read this post, I wasn’t totally in love. However I have been thinking about it all week. Am I in stage two or stage three? Could I have made it already to stage three? –Farrell

4. Philip Glass on Legacy (via Fresh Air)  I caught a snippet of this interview the other day and it sounded really good.  I’ve been wanting to go back and listen to the whole thing.  -Lauren

5. 13 Effective Ways to Quit Sugar (via Healthy and Natural World) I would say that I have really been trying to quit sugar for the past year or so. It is a hard one but oh so important to me. These are all really great tips. I find that using cinnamon, as well as not even purchasing sweet foods helps our house out the most. –Farrell

6. Mid Week Distraction (via Miss Moss) is an incredible selection of art, culture and entertainment from around the web.  It is published every Wednesday and there’s always at least two are three amazing things to find.  -Lauren

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