Coast to Coast


L: Did you decide on a new book to read?

F: I haven’t yet but two recommendations that were given to me were Girl on a Train and Luckiest Girl Alive. Neither one is jumping out at me but I will certainly keep you posted.

L: Aside from missing me terribly, how is it having your apartment back to yourselves?

F: It has been nice and quiet but also a bit sparse. It feels completely empty. Teddy and Kelly dropped all of the Valley Cruise store on Monday and Oscar today so everything is filling up fast. We are happy to do it though. Have fun with them!

L: What was the best wine you tasted in Napa?

F: Great question! My favorite wine was the Chardonnay from Regusci Winery.

L: Are you doing anything fun this weekend?

F: So far there are no plans for this weekend. We are doing a fitness challenge at work, so I am thinking that I might surf and/or go on a hike. This will be my first weekend in a while where I have nothing to do and I am looking forward to it.

L: I’ve been feeling kind of stressed out about all the craziness that’s going on around the world, any words of advice?

F. A couple of people have mentioned this to me lately. I guess my best advice would be that you can’t live in fear that something bad will happen. That will just breed anxiety and you will stop enjoying yourself. I know you don’t like this idea, but I really don’t listen to or read the news. Sometimes I skim the headlines. I think there is a fine line between awareness and reliance on the news to tell you about “the world.”  Make sure to meditate and not drink too much without eating. That will help with stress.

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