Pass It On



1. Coachella 2015 Street Style (via Coachella style at its finest. I can’t get enough of the fashion at this event every year. – Farrell

2. If You Sit All Day, You Need to Be Doing These Stretches (via POPSUGAR) I’ve been more sedentary than I have any excuse for the past couple of weeks.  Always good to remember even a little can go a long way.  -Lauren

3. DIY Wall Planters (via designlovefest) These hanging wall planters are so sweet and modern. I am going to make them! – Farrell

4. theSKIMM’s Guide to Fracking (via theSkimm) Quick and easy.  Now you (and I) know. -Lauren

5. The Moral Bucket List (via The New York Times) I can relate to this man at the beginning of the article and it is so nice to see a detailed list of the things I see in the people who light up the room. – Farrell

6. Nepal: How You Can Help (via The Takeaway)  I can’t stop thinking about this disaster and all the people who have been affected.  Hoping that all of our thoughts and prayers are doing something.  -Lauren


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