Pass It On



1.)  20 Career Tips from Entrepreneurs (via Cup of Jo) Is such a good blog post full of tips for people who are running and or starting their own business. –Farrell

2.) Frida Kahlo: The Gisèle Freund Photographs (via Miss Moss)  I’ve loved Frida Khalo ever since Selma Hayek brought her to the big screen and these photos are phenomenal; so much to take in with each one!  -Lauren

3.) Going Clear (via HBO) is a documentary film about the inside of Scientology that has left me with the creeps ever since I saw it.  –Farrell

4.) Out of Whack: 7 Keys to Resetting Your Hormones + Metabolism (via The Chalkboard) is quick and to the point.  -Lauren

5.) Machu Picchu in photos (via Mr. and Mrs. Globe Trot)  Whenever I want to be swept away to a far off land I come to this site. These images from Machu Picchu are really amazing and capture what it feels like to be at that magnificent place. -Farrell

6.) Monthly Horoscopes: April 2015 (via Astrology Zone)  Heading right over to see what’s in store.  -Lauren

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