Pass It On



1.) How Tim Gunn of ‘Project Runway’ Spends His Sunday (via NYTimes)  My friend spent me this article earlier in the week.  What a classy guy Tim Gunn is!  I always liked him but gained a new appreciation for Gunn after listening to this Fresh Air interview he did last year.  -Lauren

2.)  The Personal Message blog is exactly the type of thing I needed to read this week. I love the little poems and thoughts. They really touched me. –Farrell

3.)  Love, Sex and Attachment (via On Being podcast) As a single person in her mid-30s, I found this conversation about modern love in America to be fascinating.  Though I think anyone, no matter their relationship status, would find it a worthwhile listen.  -Lauren

4.) How to Become Gluten Intolerant (via Devour) is hilarious! It is a great reminder that it’s always good to laugh and yourself and not take things too seriously.  –Farrell

5.)  What Is a Field (via Scientific American’s YouTube) arrived from our mom in my inbox yesterday with the simple message, “What I’m into lately.  Fascinating.”  -Lauren

6.) Built to Spill’s Living Zoo video (via Noisey by Vice) brings me back to my teenage years, when I was young and free and liked to tap my feet when I danced.  –Farrell

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