Pass It On



1.)  Exhaustion Is Not a Status Symbol (via The Washington Post) A super insightful interview with Brené Brown.  I’ve never read or listen to anything by her that didn’t resinate deeply with me.  –LF

2.)  The Apple Slice (via Design For Mankind) was a blog post my friend sent me this week and it blew me away.  I particular like the way she writes and what she says. It really gets you to thinking. –FF

3.)  A Visit to Howard Hughes’ Garden (via Gardenista) is worth the scroll for the photos of the gold ceramic planters holding what look to be cacti but turn out to tall Euphorbia variegate.  Who would’ve thought?!  -LF

4.)  Before and After: Erin Foster L.A. Home (via Domaine Home) is stunning.  I have always loved Erin Foster and now I love her home.  You can spend hours on this site looking at celebrity homes. –FF

5.)  7 Ways To Be a More Effective Version of You (via popforms) Anyone else feeling the strong pull toward self-improvement lately?  -LF

6.)  Anonymous’ Message to Kanye West (via Facebook) is pretty intense.  Just watch it. –FF

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