Pass It On



1.  This Is Hip Hop (via youtube)  This video was sent to me by my friend who thinks that Sister Disco should recreate this video.  Don’t let the title fool you!  -Farrell

2.  Copying and Credit: Where Does the Line Begin and End? (via DesignSponge) looks at issues of originality and stealing artistic ideas and designs.  I’ve known of a few cases of artist friends whose work was clearly copied by a larger brand and I think it raises a lot of interesting issues, particularly given the accessiblity of people’s creative work these days.  -Lauren

3.  Frances McDormand on Aging (via youtube) is a video that, for some reason, I felt touched by this week as I approach my 30th year of life. –Farrell

4.  Things Tom Petty Doesn’t Want You To Do (via The Poke)  As visualized in a pie chart.  So nerdy and I love it!  -Lauren

5.  Birds of a Feather (via elephantine) beautifully captures the mood I have been feeling lately. –Farrell

6.  The Kinspiracy (via Miss Moss) is a Tumblr that aggregates various people’s Instagram pictures to show how pervasive the Kinfolk Magazine aesthetic is for a whole subset of people.  I have to admit my feed is loaded with images just like this.  -Lauren

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