This Fall Has Been

IMG_3785 (1)

It’s already beginning to feel a lot like Christmas but before the holiday season kicks into full force, I am savoring the unique time in my life that was this fall.  The past few months have been a panoply of experiences and emotion.  There has been devastating loss and nothing short of magical moments.  I have felt intense joy, grief, gratitude, loneliness, inspiration, abundance, anxiety, anger, love, heartbreak, calm, relief, support, jealousy, inspiration, elation, denial, acceptance, freedom and ease.  All of life packed itself tightly into these fall days and with it came an incredible expansion of time.  And limitless beauty.


IMG_4561 (2) IMG_4454

IMG_4383IMG_4570 IMG_4408IMG_4412IMG_4418IMG_4797IMG_4723

[posted by Lauren]

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