DIY Christmas Gift Ideas


Recently I’ve made a couple references to our family’s newly established tradition of making each other Christmas gifts instead of buying presents (minus stockings, which by way of compromise, our mother who loves to shop still puts together).  For our purposes “make” is a loose term and can span the gamut from handmade creations to custom ordered goods.  Each person comes up with a unique gift that can either be personalized for every member of the family, or replicated into multiple copies so everyone receives the same thing.  I think we have a $50 spending cap on all production costs; that is also loose but let’s just say the whole thing is meant to be inexpensive.  This will be our third Christmas making gifts and the things people have come up with already have been so thoughtful, creative and fun. So should you be interested in going more of the homemade route this year but can’t think of what you might do, feel free to snag an idea from the things we’ve given each other since starting this tradition:

  • A picture frame with four photos of our backyard at home, one from every season to rotate throughout the year
  • Personalized silhouettes
  • A bound children’s book of a story our dad always told us when we were little
  • Jigsaw puzzles of favorite personal photos
  • Personal domain names
  • An originally designed 2014 calendar
  • White chocolate peppermint popcorn
  • Family Rubix Cube (pictured above)
  • Curated road guide for your spiritual journey
  • Peanut butter buckeyes
  • Coins from our dad’s collection
  • Each person’s first initial made of cut, geometric paper

Have any other ideas for homemade gifts?  Let us know in the comments.  I think I already have my idea for this year but you never know…

[posted by Lauren]

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