Coast to Coast


A Comfortable Corner (The Blue Kimono), William Merritt Chase, oil on canvas ca. 1888

F:  How was your birthday?  What did you do?

L:  My birthday was so nice!  I woke up in Bridgehampton, NY to so many texts and Facebook wishes.  After a lazy morning, I went to the the Parrish Art Museum and then out for this all American lunch, which seemed like a great idea until I arrived in a super intense yoga class and spent the next 45mins to an hour really regretful for either having eaten all of that or showing up to yoga afterwards, not entirely sure which.  After yoga my friend Maggie cooked me such a delicious dinner of fresh scallops and sauteed microgreens straight from a local farm, with a chocolate chia seed pudding for dessert.  Can’t really ask for a more pleasant way to spend a day!

F:  Do you have any goals going into this next year of life?

L:  My sense is that this year is going to be about simplifying my life and applying myself to completely new projects and ventures.  I’m looking forward to slowing down, enhancing my quality of life, removing negativity/toxicity, staying open to connect with the people I encounter and nurturing the relationships I am fortunate enough to have.

F:  What was the last thing you ate?

L:  See above about that amazing scallop dinner!

F:  Have you been meditating?

L:  I was doing the Oprah/Deepak 21-day meditation but then fell behind for a few days.  I picked it back up this morning though, which was nice, but it bothers me that I am off-sequence and there’s nothing I can do about it. Just when I think I’m all chilled out…

F:  How do you feel about the holiday season?

L:  It’s too soon!  Seeing Christmas decorations and inventory in stores already literally grosses me out.  I like Thanksgiving and Christmas when they’re actually happening but the anticipation of them never feels very good to me.  The association with the weather getting colder doesn’t help either.  Wouldn’t life be different if our holiday season was in the summertime?!

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