Pass It On



1)  It’s always a thrill to read coverage about the art and music our little brother is making.  I learn something new about him or his work every time and this interview | Monster Rally (aka Ted Feighan) is no exception. (via -Lauren

2)  My boss sent me this awesome site called Home Polish where you can hire a designer for your apartment at affordable prices.  Check it out. (via Homepolish) -Farrell

3)  I have been thinking about The Immortalists trailer ever since I saw it a month ago.  It is a documentary about the fountain of youth. (via Youtube) -Farrell

4)  What to Stream On Netflix: The Ultimate Indie Wire Guide is going to become my pre-Netflix landing page.  I’d way rather scroll through these lists to find something to watch than to spend the endless amount of time I do trying to find something on the site itself. (via  -Lauren

5) 13 Genius ways to decorate a small space is always a welcome article title for me.  I love to read about how people decorate their spaces – especially if they are small. (via Cup of Jo) -Farrell

6) Yesterday a friend introduced me to Chapter Be, “Interviews and daily inspiration from those who are charting their own journeys to have a career and life doing what they love.”  I can’t wait to spend some time checking out the stories! (via -Lauren

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