Coast to Coast


L:  What is a skill or talent you’d like to develop?

F:  I would love to be an amazing singer.  I love to sing – mostly in the shower.  I have always wanted to take voice lessons.

L:  What has been the highlight of your week, thus far?

F:  Oh the highlight of my week?  My friend Alison put together a clothing swap on Tuesday night.  I have never been to one and thought it was a great idea.  The best part for me was seeing items that I thought were a good fit for my friends.  I left with a New Year’s Eve option!

L:  What item in your closet is getting the most play these days?

F:  I think my cheetah flats and tan sweater from Cotton Inc.  That place is a steal!  Have you ever been?  So many basic pieces that are made well and are affordable.  It is also 79 degrees as I type this.

L:  Are you afraid of growing old?

F:  Mostly, no.  It seems like a silly thing to feel upset about because it is going to happen whether you like it or not.  I don’t want to be really old, but I am ok with getting gradually older.

L:  What should I make for dinner?

F:  Have you ever made stew before? I think you would be very happy if you make a stew, chili or soup.  However, if you will be headed back to the city tomorrow and are just doing a one time meal, then I recommend Mediterranean Noodles.  It is so simple, filling and fresh.

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