Pass It On



1)  Look At This: This Is Color (via NPR)  A super cool site with little-known color facts, including a word that actually rhymes with orange! -Lauren

2) “The best thing for being sad…” (via  On learning as the only thing the mind can “never fear or distrust.”  -Lauren

3) The most overlooked characteristic in a mate (via This article was sent to me by a co-worker and inspired some nice thoughts amongst friends about life and love.  -Farrell

4) Six stretches for people that sit in desks all day (via  Are you sitting in a desk?  If so, check this out and take some time to move your body. -Farrell

5) Your Heart (via  Powerful words about why we suffer heartbreak.  This woman is amazing.  I only know her via Instagram but one time I saw her on the street in NYC and was so overcome I asked if I could give her a hug.  The next day she posted about all the people in NYC who did the same!  -Lauren

6) Clean Beauty (via GOOP) This site put together such a wonderful and extensive piece on clean beauty products and what that means. -Farrell

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