Coast to Coast


L:  What is the name of that Netflix series you said you’re watching?

F: Ohh! It is called Peaky Blinders and I am so into it. There are only 6 episodes in the first season. I am trying my very best to pace myself because I don’t want it to be over. It is based on a real gang in 1919 in England. Check more out about it here.

L:  Are you a fan of soup(s)?

F: Interesting that you ask, Lulu! Today we have someone from Soupure coming to our office to drop off some samples of clean soups. I am all about it. Last week, I made homemade chicken soup since I wasn’t feeling well. Homemade soup is the best soup there is.

L:  If you had to listen to one song on repeat for the next hour, what would it be?

F: Ok, so hear me out. There is a documentary on Netflix called Reincarnated. It is about Snoop Dogg making a reggae album in Jamaica. I am sucker for basically anything I feel attached to. I have been listening to this song and I think I could play it on repeat for the next hour. I think I am embarrassed.

L:  Do you get Columbus Day on Monday off from work?

F: Nope, I sure don’t. I don’t even know when it is. Next Monday?

L:  What is your favorite lip balm?

F: Probably Lucas’ Paw Paw Ointment from Australia. You can buy it through our shop!

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