Suz’s Lessons


The night that Suz passed away I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to write down all of the things that she taught me. I thought I would share this here so that I will always know where to find it. The list keeps growing everyday.


Suz’s Lessons


How to show someone how much you love them with a couple squeezes of your hand.

How to cook, cut and make food.

How to whistle.

What songs to sing on a road trip.

How to bake.

How to show loyalty.

How to stand up for and advocate for yourself.

How to be a good host.

The importance of setting a mood.

How and why to keep up traditions.

The importance of writing letters.

It’s the little things that count.

Always take in your surroundings. The air, the sounds, the smells and appreciate them.

Save money.

How to pick the right healthcare.

How to throw a great party.

How to make your house smell like Christmas

Count to 10 before you respond when you are angry.

How to make someone feel special, loved and important – hear them and know them.

Be thoughtful.

Send cards.

How to wrap a present with a matching bow and how to curl a ribbon with a scissor.

How to share my struggles and how to celebrate my accomplishments.

How to listen to people.

How to appreciate the beauty in all things.

How to make a bed.

How to fold my clothes.

How to perfectly plan and time a Thanksgiving dinner.


Trust in Yourself. Do What’s Right.

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