Coast to Coast

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David checking out the lake before a storm

F: How was your time in Cleveland?

L: It was really good to be home and we missed you being there!  Yesterday, our Aunt Rosemarie had a lung transplant after months of waiting.  All went well and she is now breathing on her own.  I was able to spend some time with her the day before the call came through that a lung was available.  It’s all just remarkable!  I also spent a night over the weekend with my girlfriends from high school which is always wonderful.  Dad and David took us out on a boat ride before all the crazy stormy weather started.  Sunday night we had a big family dinner at Mom’s house with our sister-in-law’s family.  Monday morning we had a fabulous brunch over at Suzanne’s.  I just feel so lucky to be a part of a big, loving family and to have such solid lifelong friendships.  It’s always a bit jarring to return to my life in New York after these visits but it was great to be there.

F: Have you thought at all about your birthday and what you want to do?

L: Seems pretty early to be thinking about my birthday.  A close friend of mine gave me a bottle of wine when I turned 30 to drink when I turned 35, which will be this year.  I can’t really believe it.

F: Are you reading anything new?

L: I’ve been doing a better job than usual of keeping up in my New Yorker subscription but I haven’t started any new books lately.

F: Have you gone to McCarren Pool this season?

L: I haven’t.  I’ve actually only ever been there one time and I think it was the summer before last.  It was nicer than I expected and it’s a good place to remember when it’s super hot here.

F: Any more summer plans?

L:  I’m hoping on a visit from my sister!

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