One Word, Two Ways: Tune




(image via here)

I’m not a regular listener of Radiolab but I do tune in from time to time – and I have to give it to them, the information that is presented usually ranges from interesting to mind blowing.  Yesterday I listened to the recent episode Placebo and found it fascinating.  A lot of the new research on the placebo effect relates back this post (i.e. you are what you think) I wrote last week.  In one part of the episode they talk about how a mother kissing a child’s boo boo to “make it all better” is actually a type of placebo.  I’d highly recommend the episode.  It still has me thinking!


I forgot how awesome my friends are. Every time we hang out, there is a lot of music that is played. These songs have stuck with me since this past weekend and I just can’t quit them.

The Weeknd – The Morning (H5C’s Official HD Music Video) – YouTube from Cheif Sosa on Vimeo.


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