You Are What You Think

(image via here)

(image via here)

I have a real tendency to over-think things and last week I let that inclination go into overdrive.  The results were not pretty.  To say nothing of overcoming internal resistance to changing our minds, it amazes me what a fresh perspective can bring to your daily experience.  Along those lines, did you know:

-It has been shown that stress is bad for you if you believe it is:


-What you believe about the food you eat affects the way your body metabolizes it:


-Anger is the body’s emotional & protective response to a perceived threat.  It matters not whether the threat is real or imagined.  “To effectively reduce or eliminate the anger in your life, change the core beliefs, assumptions, and interpretations of the mind.”

via Pathway to Happiness: Understanding Anger



  1. So get ex girlfriend back you know the wrong way.
    Or, maybe all of these feelings and emotions is not helpful!
    Breaking up with your love again.

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