Coast to Coast

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At home yoga in front of heater

F:  Did you receive the Valley Cruise Press zine? Show me a picture of your favorite page.

L:  Our little brother recently started Valley Cruise Press with a friend of all of ours.  I just received my copy of the latest zine,  Flower Arrangements vol. 1, which is all of Teddy’s art work.  It is gorgeous!  I really love the outside and inside cover as well as this page:

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FAV1 - Ladies and Snake Pot_905

F:  Does it feel like Spring yet there? Have you done anything Spring related?

L:  We had one day that felt like Spring but then it went back down to the 30s.  I don’t think I have done anything Spring related.  Perhaps I’ll go to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens when it gets warmer; I haven’t been in a few years.

F:  I know I always ask this, but what are you reading lately?

L:  I’m in a real reading slump.  It feels like when you know you should get back to working out and still don’t do it.  I need that one book to get me back into the swing.

F:  What is one thing that you have continued to do since completing the Clean Cleanse?

L:  Hmmm…mostly I’d say I continue to think about the cleanse.  I feel much more aware of how it feels to really healthy in my own body.  Actively maintaining that feeling is a whole other topic.

F: Do you have a favorite picture of me and you?

L:  I have lots of pictures of us that I really like but here’s an old one that I think is so sweet.

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