Coast to Coast

Just me and my standin' sticks

Just me and my standin’ sticks

L: Mid-March already!  Can you believe it?!

F: Not at all. I will be turning 29 so soon. I told Mom that and she was speechless. She didn’t know how old I was!

L: What is something you’ve learned from being a part of a large family?

F: Something that I’ve learned from being part of a big family is how awesome it is to have so much support. There are so many people in my life who I love and who love me. It is so awesome.

L:  Are you watching any shows regularly right now?

F: Now that True Detective is over and House of Cards is done, not really. Though, Albert and I have been watching An Idiot Abroad and it has been very entertaining. I suggest it.

L:  What is a memorable gift that you’ve received?

F: My 25th birthday present to Paris from my one and only, Albie! Best gift ever!

L: Care to leave us with a song?

I have been pretty quiet lately. When I want to do work, I listen to this:


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