Coast to Coast

burning man

Last night I found this picture of me at Burning Man about six years ago. It makes me happy.

F: Today is day 21 of your cleanse. Can you tell me how you feel about the whole process?

L:  I’ve been thinking I’d like to write a post about my whole experience so, yes, but not right now.

F. What kind of music are you listening to this week?

L:  Ugh, I haven’t found my grove yet this week.  These are the songs I was listening to last week though:

F:  What is one thing that is getting you through this winter?

L:  It’s hard to differentiate the cleanse I’ve been doing from this question but, in large part because of it, I have been meditating more, generally going to bed at a decent hour and focusing almost entirely on my health.

F. Do you have a picture assigned to my contact in your phone? If yes, what is it? If no, why not?

L:  I don’t and I’m tempted to say, “Oh, you can do that?!”  I mean, I guess I know you can do that but I’ve never done that, I don’t think.  If I did, I think I’d use this one of you (couldn’t crop Albie out):


F: What was the first picture you took with your new camera?

L: Straight to the selfie & only room for improvement.


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