For Realz

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Last week, we had friends in town.

It was one of those visits that you didn’t know you needed until you experienced it.

Lately, Albert and I have both been feeling a bit down. There have been times when we wondered why we moved so far away or what we are doing with our lives. There were other times when we couldn’t quite put our finger on what exactly had us down.

Either way, we weren’t really helping each other out. There was only so much strength and positivity that one could hold for so long.

Then our friends came.

It wasn’t a crazy kind of visit – the kind where you feel exhausted and like you need to do a juice cleanse after. It was more of a retreat. A little pocket of time when we made good food, shared stories, sang that one song and really connected.

While it was happening, Albert said to me, “It is so good to have really good old friends.” And it couldn’t have been more true.

We both felt so at ease and in turn we felt honest and authentic.

Thanks for the wonderful visit Julie and Dave.

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