In the Air

I travelled today and let me tell you – the vibes at the airport are no bueno. After almost being bumped off my flight from LAX to Cleveland, I was rushed aboard right as the plane was backing out of the gate.

Here are the things that kept me afloat:

CV Skinlabs – Calming Moisture 

I used this so many times while I was in the air. It is the best lotion because it is not too thick.


Host Defense – Immune Support Mycoshield Spray

I will not get sick this winter and here is why:


Anne Marie Gianni – Herbal Facial Oil

This facial oil is perfect for the winter time and extremely dry climates. My face soaks up the moisture.


The Ginger People – Ginger Chews 

If my stomach feels off, I pop a couple of these babies and I am set straight.



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