Coast to Coast

photo (100)

Last week’s New York City snow

F:  What do you do when you feel off-balanced?

L: You mean other than criticize myself :). Usually making some time to focus on my health gets me back on track.

F:  What is your favorite part about the Christmas season?

L: I guess the familiarity of the season is kind of comforting. Coming up with gifts you’re excited to give is pretty awesome, when it happens. Nice lights and decorations can also be gorgeous!

F:  Is there any kind of food you have been craving?

L: I could seriously stand to up my greens intake!

F:  Do you have any big plans for NYE?

L: Beaching in southeast Asia! I’m excited but it’s also a little hard for me to write that without feeling kinda obnoxious.

F:  Are you taking any supplements during the winter?

L: I was taking vitamin D until I was told that there’s something bad about the synthetic capsules. I could start again. I’ve also been taking a daily probiotic. Do you have other recommendations?

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