Coast To Coast

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L:  What’s your favorite tradition?

F: If you mean any tradition in the entire world, I don’t think I could narrow it down. Since it is the Christmas holiday, I will stick with those traditions. I still like our family’s Christmas morning tradition. It is the most relaxed that we get to be the entire holiday season. It is the best!
L:  What’s your favorite Christmas movie?
F: My first instinct it to say Bad Santa, but that’s not right. That movie is funny, but it is too depressing! I really love Home Alone. Best Christmas movie ever.
L:  Do you have a tasty go-to snack?
F: Everyone at my office has been snacking on popcorn. It is kind of the best snack if you think about it. For one thing, it is healthy. Another great thing is that you can make it taste any flavor you want. Peeps at my office do turmeric and dill. Two things that I loved and would have never thought to mix.
L:  If you were to pick one post to give someone a sense of Sister Disco, what would it be?
F: Well shoot. That is a tricky tricky. I think any of our One Word, Two Ways posts would do it. Those posts show what it’s all about: both of our perspectives in the world.
L:  Who is someone that you’re inspired by?
F. I have always looked up to Mom. As the years go on though, I look up to her much more. I recently watched the documentary I Am. It is a simple but inspiring movie about the interconnectedness between all life. It discusses a lot of wonderful ideas about the world. I couldn’t help but feel grateful to Mom, because she already exposed me to these ideas and they are already a part of me. I know I don’t always show it, Mom, but you really do inspire me.
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  1. mom said:

    I was just thinking that exact thing about you two 🙂

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