Coast to Coast

Lincoln Center's Illumination Lawn

Lincoln Center’s Illumination Lawn

F: Do you have any goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the year?

L:  I do but you know that old saying, don’t bite the hand that feeds you…

F: Are you going to keep your bangs?

L:  I think I’m going to keep with them for awhile.  Also the process of growing them out seems rough.  I feel like I’ll break down and cut them many times even when I think I want to grow them out.

F: What is the most fun thing you have done in the past week?

L:  I had a pretty great night last week here:

photo (67)

F: What is your favorite fall activity?

L:  Remember when we got really into Friday Night Lights and played football on my birthday?  Who knew we had it in us but that was some good fall activity.

Sometimes I miss the Taylors.

F: What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

L:  That’s such a hard question.  Definitely not my favorite restaurant because I care as much, if not more, about atmosphere as I do about the food but I just had phenomenal sushi at this very unassuming place called Hana Sushi in Chelsea.  We’ll go there next time you’re here.

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