Day Bed


A few weeks ago on a hot summer Sunday, a friend of mine came over to my apartment and we sat outside on my fire escape with beers talking about life.  Among other things we talked about the layout of my apartment and how I loved the natural light in my bedroom but didn’t take good advantage of it. We talked about all the ways my apartment could be reconfigured.  And then, on a whim, we just went for it.  For the next several hours we switched my bedroom to my living room and vise versa.

day beds

I’ve always been someone who regularly rearranges my furniture (even in my small 400 sq. ft.) apartment.  But this has been my biggest change yet.  It also basically means that you enter my apartment straight into the bedroom.  For years, I’ve been really hesitant to even consider this as an option but now I’m really going for it.  Once I feel like things have better come together, I’ll post some pictures but for now, these are some of the images from which I’m drawing inspiration.



Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

  1. Kristin Bartlett said:

    can’t wait to see!

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