The heat wave seems to have finally broken in NYC, and given that I’ve chosen to live without air conditioning, I have to say I’m pretty psyched about it.  My weekend may have been the epitome of summertime.  It included live music, sweaty dancing, a day at the beach, clam steamers, ice cream cones, mini golf, and a long bike ride.  I also smacked my head against a metal beam in a restaurant bathroom, so there’s that but, all and all, I can’t complain.  Enjoy this week’s round of pictures and send us one of yours for next week’s batch!


Lauren – New York, NY
Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges on my Sunday evening bike ride


Alison – Denver, CO
Underground Music Showcase. Three 12 year olds, aka Residual Kids, bringing down the house.


Teddy – Los Feliz, CA
California at dusk
photo (41)


Amy – San Francisco, CA
Coit Tower
photo (42)


Have a good day today.

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