Coast to Coast

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L. Does summer feel different than spring in L.A.?

F: Oh yeah! When we first got here in March, I felt chilly. Now, it is SO hot. The heat is nothing like home though. The humidity takes it to a whole new level in Cleveland. It is more of a desert-ish, dry beating heat.

L. Are your nails and/or toes painted?  What color?

F: Surprisingly, I do not like to have my nails painted. They always chip and it never lasts. My toenails however are mandatory. Lately I have been painting them a soft lavender and they look great.

L. What’s your favorite thing about being a part of a big family?

F: I feel constantly supported. There is nothing like knowing that no matter what happens to me I have support. I feel loved.

L. What’s your least favorite part about being a part of a big family?

F: That is a good question. I honestly have nothing to complain about. I would say however that sometimes it is hard to keep up with everyone that I love because I love so many people. I feel blessed to be so close to all of my extended family

L. Do you have a new favorite funny youtube?

F: Ha! Yes, in fact, I do! My coworker showed me this the other day and I thought it was so stupid that it was funny. I am such a fan of physical comedy. It always gets me.

It’s Not The Nail

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