The Week that Michael Died

Over the weekend, at my friends’ wedding reception some friends and I had a conversation recalling how much fun New York City was the week that Michael Jackson died. Four years ago last week, that period of time will forever stick with me. You could hear Michael Jackson songs blasting everywhere you went. As you walked down the street, cars would pass with their windows down and Michael blaring. Every bar or party you went to would inevitably turn into a Michael Jackson sing-a-long or dance party. It was one of those specific moments in time in which everyone in the city was experiencing something together and it was incredible. Say what you will about Michael’s life and the conditions that made him who he was (I certainly do) but there’s something incredibly special about a person’s death that is met with a whole population turning to the same songs in celebration.

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  1. Farrell said:

    I will never forget that time ever. It was the best. Walking down the street felt epic. Maybe the one thing that we all have in common is that we love MJ? (Besides Al)

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