I am not sure if it is a factor of my upbringing, but I am a seeker. I am always trying to go deeper and deeper into myself. I am interested in all things personal and spiritual. I have been on many retreats, received endless treatments and have even seen someone “levitate.” I am drawn to all kinds of teachers and leaders. This fascination is what drew me to watch the documentary Kumare.

This documentary is about a dude who decided to be a fake guru, Kumare, and see if people would follow. As it turns out, they did. They followed so deeply with their hearts. In some ways, this movie makes me embarrassed because I myself have been in some of the same situations presented in the movie. However, the movie has a touching twist and I love that maybe Kumare was meant to be that leader all along.

The movie is currently streaming on Netflix. Also, read more from the director here.

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