Being Well


Now that I have stopped traveling and am back in the real world, I have started to take better care of myself. It feels fantastic! Here are some things that I have been doing to help me feel my best self:

Level Eucalyptus Lime Body Polish

300OMG, this product is awesome. It smells amazing. It is all natural. It leaves my skin feeling amazing after the shower. I just LOVE it.

Fresh herbs and fruit

photo (15)

I have clementines, apples, basil and mint all around the kitchen. Not only are they beautiful to see every day, but they give me constant ideas for what to make next (fresh mint tea!).

Green Smoothies


I know I have mentioned them over and over but green smoothies are the bomb. Whenever I feel gross from being on the computer all day or eating too much crap, my body screams for these.

Keeping up with my daily inspirations

I am constantly connected to positive people and spiritual leaders through Instagram, blogs and e-mail. My favorites lately are:

Marie ForleoGabrielle Bernstein and Mastin Kipp

Ironically, you can see them all three of them on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday here.

Morning Meditation

No matter what, I keep a calm and lovely morningtime routine of tea and mediation. It’s really the only way for me to function as my best self.

(Images via Pinterest)

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