Coast to Coast

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Farrell sent me the following questions to answer for this week’s Coast to Coast post. This is what I had to say to them:

1. Since I know you always have an interesting one, what is your desktop background?

I still have the vintage sports team photo I mentioned in this post up as my background. However, I’m about ready for a change and am debating between going back to my previous background:

Julie Mehretu - Mural

Julie Mehretu’s “Mural”

or changing it to this photo, which I’ve also posted before, but may love too much to see it there everyday, if that makes any sense:


photo by Rikki Moye

2. Do you think of yourself as an artist?

Yes, I do. I’ll probably have more to say about that at some point down the line but for now, thanks for asking.

3. Have you been juicing or drinking green smoothies?

Unfortunately not and I miss it.

4. What is something that has inspired you this week?

I’ve been listening to back to back episodes of the “Design Matters with Debbie Millman: 2009 – 2013” podcast.  Aside from having super inspiring guests, I find Debbie Millman’s interview style to be incredibly inspiring.  I don’t know anything about her but her questions are both passionate and smart; I just have this feeling that she would be an amazing person to be around.

5. What are you looking forward to the most right now?

Spring & summer!

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