Tabula Rasa























So much of life serves as filler. And for whatever it’s worth & to the the degree I do, I recognize my own aversion to blank space / down time / whatever I bring to it.

I prefer a conclusion.

  1. Mom said:

    Do you think there is nothing in the blank space? Or the space between words or the pauses in music? There is much to be discovered here. It’s one of the reasons people meditate, to try to see what’s in the nothing. Sometimes this is the best way to get to a conclusion. Like that picture that is a vase or a face.
    I also love filler which may not turn out to be that at all.

  2. Lauren said:

    It’s not that I don’t know the value of the blank but more so that I avoid it, despite knowing there’s much to be discovered there.

    • Mom said:

      So honest my dArling

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