Coast to Coast / 02

Last week we started this new Coast to Coast series as another way for Farrell and I to keep up with each other now that we live so far apart.  Last week I asked Farrell a series of questions (you can check them out here); this week she has posed a few for me to answer.

photo (24)

BLUE on New York’s Lower East Side

1. What is your favorite accessory right now?

My friend Kristin is a super talented jewelry designer and she named this necklace”Lulu” after me (Lulu is a nickname of mine).  I have it in metal and gold.  They have immediately become my constant go-to’s.  I’m wearing them all the time!

2. What is your favorite thing about NYC and what is your least favorite thing about it?

My favorite thing about NYC is its energy.  My least favorite thing about it is…  Well, I don’t know, actually.  I wish I had enough space to host dinner parties, and an outdoor space to grow a garden.  I also wish living in NYC didn’t come with an ongoing sense of conflict about living away from my family.  And I wish it was spring & summer here all year round.

3. How does it feel to have bangs? Are you going to grow them out or keep them?

I got bangs about two months ago and they’re easily the most exciting thing that has happened in my life this year.  They feel good but sometimes I still feel like I have a thick toupee pasted on my forehead.  I can’t really decide if I’m going to keep them or grow them out though I did just trim them, so they’re at least here to stay for a little while.  I’m thinking about growing out the rest of my hair long again, like this.  Also, I’ve tried this side sweep a few times.  I think it’s really pretty but it’s not working out so well for me.

4. What song have you been listening to over and over lately?

I’m actually feeling like I’m in a bit of a music rut this week.  Last week however I went on a crazy Van Morrison kick.  I probably listened to the song “Madam George” about 300 times.  I love that song but I’m also really eager to find a new album or band to get into.

5. What is your favorite museum in New York City and why?

This question makes me feel like I should go to museums more often.  Though I don’t always love the exhibits I see there, I think I have to go with The New Museum.  It’s in my neighborhood and I have a bit of a sense that it is my museum.  It is free on Thursday evenings so I pop in on my way home from time to time.  It makes the whole experience very accessible.

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