Coast to Coast / 01

We are starting a new series where Lauren and I ask each other questions from across the country. It isn’t always easy for us to connect now with the time change, so we thought this would be a great idea. I am up first!

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1.  What’s the thing you’ve noticed most being in L.A.?

How important it is to me that the sun is shining on my face and I miss my sister.

2.  Do you think you’re going to paint the walls in your new apartment?

I like things to feel really clean and white with hints of warmth. If that vibe is achievable by keeping the walls white, then I will keep them as they are. If not, a light blue always does the trick.

3.  What’s the last book you read/podcast you listened to/movie you watched?

I am currently reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I have only read about 40 pages, but I love it. I have always loved her as Sugar. She is a very direct, honest and brave writer. I would recommend it and I am not even done with it!

The last podcast I listened to was the Gorilla vs. Bear podcast and I loved the M.I.A. song. 

The last movie I watched was Night Shift and it was ridiculous.

4.  Remember how much you missed your shoes when you were traveling?  Have you gotten any new ones?

I DO have a new pair of shoes and let me tell you, they are a rockin’.


It was well worth the wait!

5.  What’s the best thing that happened for you today?

Honestly, it sounds cheesy but doing the second day of my meditation for the Deepak and Oprah 21 Day Meditation challenge. It was a great break and I liked the centering phrase “Balance is my true nature” because I am all about balance.

If you want to sign up for the 21 Days of Meditation, you still can here!

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