Last weekend I had the strange pleasure of attending a live screening of the Metropolitan Operas   matinee performance of Aida in Columbus, Ohio.  The whole experience was actually pretty cool.  The Metropolitan Opera does live screenings of its performances In movie theaters throughout the country. It was kind of funny to be watching the opera from a movie theatre, but the experience was truly lovely and unique. If you are interested in the Met Opera’s live screenings across the country, check it out here.


(Image found via Pinterest)

Celeste Aida

If only I were that warrior!
If only my dream might come true!
An army of brave men with me as their leader
And victory and the applause of all Memphis!
And to you, my sweet Aida,
To return crowned with laurels,
To tell you: for you I have fought,
For you I have conquered!
Heavenly Aida, divine form,
Mystical garland of light and flowers,
You are queen of my thoughts,
You are the splendour of my life.
I want to give you back your beautiful sky,
The sweet breezes of your native land,
To place a royal garland on your hair,
To raise you a throne next to the sun.

Watch Luciano Pavarotti’s performance of this song here.

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