What’s On Your Bookshelf?


(image via here)

I have spent some time lately staying in other peoples homes and as always, I am drawn to their bookshelves. On top of that, my passion for books and reading has skyrocketed since our travels. I love to see the way people arrange their books. Do they do it by color? Topic? Author? Do they embrace their bookshelves, or do piles of books just end up a bookshelf?

As someone who doesn’t currently have a home of her own, I dream of my next bookshelf. I dream about the books I will acquire throughout the years and the ones that will change my life, entertain me or change my perspective about the world.

I recently came across the book My Ideal Bookself, by artist Jane Mount. She asked 100 creative thinkers what their ideal bookshelf would be and why. I think it is a great idea. What would your ideal bookshelf be?


Remember Lauren’s post about her bookshelf? Check it out here.

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