Voteraide Launch

(image via here)

After months of development by our brother David, last week saw the soft-launch of Voteraide, a nonpartisan social network designed specifically to give voters a stronger voice and a place to participate and engage in politics.  We’re so proud of him and wanted to introduce you to the site.

Having worked on numerous political campaigns, David gained first hand knowledge of how campaigns use voter lists to target their efforts and predict outcomes.  Voteraide takes these same campaign tools and applies them in a way that empowers voters, maximizing individual power.  Users can find election information, see their ballots, pledge support of and endorse campaigns, connect with other users, post articles and voice opinions.  As Facebook is for your online social life, and LinkedIn is for your online professional life, Voteraide is for your online political life.

While Voteraide will be available to all registerd voters nationwide and worldwide, this test version is offered exclusively to REGISTERED OHIO VOTERS.  However, if you’re not a registered voter in Ohio, you can still sign up as a General User.

We encourage you to check out Voteraide.

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