Hope it was a delightful weekend full of Halloween cheer and effective storm prep, for you fellow East Coasters. Having the 31st fall mid-week means that there’s been a steady stream of random costume sightings in NYC over the past several days. I love it.  Now onto the pics. Thanks for this week’s batch folks!


Carolyn – New York, New York
Warm October rooftop nights


Lauren – New York, New York
Mural in the Audubon Ballroom at The Malcolm X & Dr. Betty Shabazz Memorial and Education Center


Ryan – Cross country trip
Lexington, VA

Sunset Beach, NC

New Orleans, LA


Colleen – Rocky River, Ohio
The sweetest Babar we’ve ever seen


Have a picture you wanted to send in? It’s not too late.

Send over a photo for next week’s Picturesque post to Lauren at sisterdisco dot com

  1. Beautiful round up! I’m with you. Love the crispness to the air and long walks with leaves crunching beneath your feet.

  2. Lauren said:

    Thanks! A whole different type of fall in NYC today!

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