Bird is the Word

I’m just really getting into this social media thing lately. In addition to my recent membership to and excitement about Instagram, I’m also chirping at the feed over at @Sister_Disco_

(“The Animal Fair” by Alice and Martin Provensen via Brain Pickings – Part 20 )

What can I say, I think these things are so fun.   Some of my favorites:

Tyga @TygaVerified – so, it took me a bit to realize this isn’t the real Tyga

Astrology Zone @astrologyzone – ahhh, Susan, you are amazing!

Erin Haslag @WELLinLA (and Sister Disco homie) – learning so much from this girl about wellness and how to live a more joy filled life!

Mindy Kaling @mindykaling – cracks me up!

Gabrielle Bernstein @GabbyBernstein – truth, always!

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