Homie of the Day: Erin of WELL in L.A.

Recently, while perusing the internet, we discovered Erin of WELL in L.A.  We immediately loved her style, her message and all the applicable information she is sharing about wellness and entrepreneurship.  So needless to say, we were pumped when she agreed to homie it up over here at Sister Disco with a guest post – and accompanying playlist (download the full version here) – on the topic of manifestation.  Thanks, Erin!!


For this Type A girl wrapping my head around a concept like manifesting induced the phrase “right… only in California.” There must be something in the water because after 2 years in the Golden state I’m seeing a shift in my state of mind. I’m closing in on thirty. And finally beginning to understand that the less I try to force life the more I enjoy it. I spent the better part of my late twenties struggling to make life fit in the box I had carefully constructed in my early twenties. Ditching the box, the plans that belonged to the me who was trying to please everyone else and coming into my own has made the world a much more lovely place. Manifesting has been been my secret weapon in deconstructing the life I thought needed to live.

Initially manifesting scared me because it’s such a “squishy” term. It’s having a vision, but being open to knowing the outcome may surprise you or exceed your expectations. It’s equal parts push and pull. The manifestation of things is with you – always – but until you acknowledge and recognize its presence and power in your life, you’ll never be able to fully bridle its beauty or power for use in your life.

Whoa… just a minute. Erin – you’re talking crazy talk. Give me a concrete example of what the hell you’re trying to say.

Okay, okay. I had a friend in college who had an uncanny ability to make things happen. She prayed. And asked others to pray for her when she needed something to happen in her life. She needed a plane ticket to visit a loved one who was nearing death. We were sneaking our way into theaters, splitting Subway footlongs between four people and scrounging $5.00 for bottomless cup night at the bar. Coming up with money for an airplane ticket seemed impossible. Within a week of asking, $500 showed up on her doorstep. Ask. Be open. And you shall receive. There are several other instances with this friend – receiving a bicycle, clothing, a pair of shoes, finding car rides for long journeys and a few more examples. She is open, she asks and the universe rewards her willingness to be a part of something bigger than herself.

Maybe prayer isn’t your thing. It’s semantics in my world. Manifestation is beautiful in the sense that you can adapt and give it meaning in a way that feels right for you. Call it spirituality, setting an intention or simply acknowledging gratitude for what our lives and the Universe has to offer. That’s manifestation.

I started my own journey with manifesting late last year. It takes time, courage and clarity to say what you really mean and what you need in order for manifestation to work its magic in your life. I admire people who can do it right away. It’s a gift to be so open and willing to trust. Saying what I want is the first step. I’ve been working on removing my barriers and negative thought patterns. As a result, I feel blessed, abundant and open to the gifts that have come my way.

I’m working on clarifying what it is I want out of life. I want to write a book about my wellness journey, to work with creative & passionate creatures and to live life on my terms each day. I’m chipping away the broad set of goals and becoming more clear by working on these three items in some capacity each day. Living in L.A. has caused a big internal shift in my life. I see people living their dreams and the accompanying patience, work, love and drive paired with their manifestation. You can’t help but be energized and feel a buzz from whatever it is they’re putting in the water here.

I would love to know your thoughts on manifesting. Is it BS? Has it changed your life? And because this is SISTER DISCO I want to leave you with a fun “manifesting magic” playlist.


About Erin Haslag:
Erin of WELL in L.A. works with Big Dreamers to overcome their fears and dismantle roadblocks to success. Her services range from a bi-monthly “best of the web” digest for business owners to one-on-one intensive consultations & strategy sessions. Her mantra “Life is short; live it WELL” is threaded throughout her work, play and life. Find her @WELLinLA on Twitter or contribute to the WELL Facebook community.

  1. Thank you so much for the ‘Homie of the Day’ treatment! I’m ready to shake my thing 😉 Cheers!!

  2. Lauren said:

    Our pleasure! So fun working with you!

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