We start off every week with some photos taken by our friends and family. Looks like summer is in fully swing and everyone is hitting the road!

Ddeani – Cleveland Hopkins Airport at 4 a.m.
“And they’re off!”

Annmarie – South Carolina
Stopping to get gas and fireworks on our drive down to Anna Maria, Florida.

Juanita – New Orleans, LA
Up and down the hallways of Langston Hughes Elementary

Waiting for the Paulin Brothers Brass Band at Preservation Hall

In front of portraits of Laura at the Laura Plantation

Jo – Memphis, TN and Graceland
We’ve been driving cross country for the past week & we’d blown out a tire going through Oklahoma, so we got into Memphis around midnight on Friday night. We were in rough shape from the challenges of the day, but we were determined to have fun so we went straight to Wild Bill’s. It’s a divey joint that only sells 40s & chicken wings. The blues they play there are legit…the grandpa type that first welcomed us got up later for a couple smooth songs and people jumped in with harmonica or backup vocals as they pleased – it seems they were all friends and we got included. The next day we went to Graceland, y’all! We all got Elvis fever…what a dream boat.

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