Homie of the Day: Megan of Greetings from Texas

What up Sister Disco readers! I’m Megan and today’s featured “homie.”

I started my blog, Greetings from Texas, a year ago when my husband’s job brought us to Houston. Growing up in the Midwest, I thought there was a lot of bizarre stuff going down in the state and I wanted to document it. My blog still chronicles my life as a new Texan but I incorporate other topical things such as Jay- Z,  New Orleans,  and my homemade music videos. I talk about cancer every once in a while too because I had that. (It sucked).

Any of you happen to be coming to Houston soon? You should. It’s a really awesome city. Here are some of my fave spots to prove it.


One. Tiny Boxwood’s – Adorable and somewhat “girly” cafe with amazing food. Order the beet burger – it will change your life. Plus I had a celebrity sighting there!!! Read about it here.
Two. Tacos A Go-Go –  Houston has a million Mexican places. This is a very casual but the food is really authentic. The Main Street location is really colorful and unique.
Three. The Tasting Room – Though it’s a “wine cafe” I go here for the food. Their pizza, salads, and sandwiches are all awesome.  Plus they usually have live music. It’s fab!

Four. Downtown Heights – If you like vintage stores, you will die. (In a good way.) So many good ones on one single street!! Plus this is a historical area which is something to see in itself.
Five. Cheeky Vintage – A high end vintage store. It was featured in Lucky Magazine last year and let’s be real, Lucky Magazine is legit. So is Cheeky Vintage.
Six. River Oaks – Though this area has a lot of big box stores like Gap which you can go to anywhere, the landscape makes it worth the trip. It feels more Malibu than it does Houston. Also, it has a plethora of Starbucks. Don’t believe me? Click here.

Seven. Pinky’s –  If you’re willing to take a short ride to El Lago, Texas you can rent paddleboards or kayaks. So fun!
Eight. Boneyard Dogpark & Drinkery – Have a pooch? This place is a bar and a dogpark all in one. Genius!
Nine. Hotel Zaza’s Pool  If you book any service at their spa, you can spend the day poolside. And with a pool like this, believe me, you’ll be living large.
Not buying a plane ticket? Then get your Texas Living on vicariously through my blog. See you there friends!

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    • Lauren said:

      Thanks to you, in fact!! We connected through your post. She’s awesome! 🙂

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